Monday, May 26, 2014

from the mouth of babes . . . "No wars, no fights, no guns; Forever peace!"*

* from International School of Kenya, primary school, Nairobi, Kenya
Mothers, fathers, why do you fight
when everybody is someone’s child?

Utsjoen saamelaislukio, Utsjoki, Finland**

(**both these quote are from the UN's The Peace Poem, 
read more about the poem below)

Once again, on this holiday for remembering the men and women who died while serving in the country's armed forcesI continue my campaign for peace!!

Peace of mind, peace of soul, peace of heart, peace among families, peace among neighbors, peace among friends and enemies and peace on earth!!!

Every moment I am aware of so many who live in constant terror of pain, torture, hunger, death and more; from the hands of strangers, oppressors, enemies and/or sadly dealt out by people they trust and love.  

Today I wish to remind us that we, each one of us, can and has the power to create peace.  There are so many levels on which we need to seek peace and change our cultural acceptance of these violent acts! 

Below is the introduction and some verses from the United Nations' Peace Poem. (click this link to visit the entire poem.)  It is an example of what I have known and believe, children know the horrors of war and know the need for peace, for them it is a no brainer.  What happens as we grow older that causes us to be more accepting of war and terror?!?  I read yesterday about how we teach toddlers to use words, to share, to not use force or not to hit, and they learn.  A kindergartener knows not to hit but somewhere in later years violence becomes ok, as an acceptable evil.  

Read these words from students from around the world and then speak up for peace!!!

In their wisdom, the children whose intermingled voices gave birth to the Peace Poem know that peace is far more than the absence of war. Children know that peace comes from the heart; it lives in the way we see others; it survives in the respect we show our neighbors every day. They also know, often better than adults, that today’s world is a global village and that we are all neighbors.

Ce long poème consacré à la paix, fruit de la réflexion et de la conviction de milliers d’enfants de par le monde, est pour moi comme une guirlande d’espoir qui, par la vertu des nouveaux moyens de télécommunication, ceint notre planète, en se riant des nationalités et des frontières.

Sepamos escuchar a los niños poetas. Sus palabras sencillas y elocuentes nos recuerdan las verdades esenciales, pilares sobre los que sustentan la paz y la concordia : conocer y aceptar a los demás y, en ellos, reconocer nuestra humanidad común.

Peace is the sound of my mom’s heart
when I come in the door safe at night.
Colbert Elementary School

Boca Raton, FL, US

Apologize when you are wrong
It will show that you are strong

Dinkelmeyer School
North Bellmore, NY, US

Don’t fight about your colour.
Love each other like brothers and sisters.
School of the Nations, Primary Section
Macau (Portugal)

May peace be scattered
Like pebbles in a dancing pond of rain

Turquoise Trail Elementary School
Santa Fe, NM, US

Peace in the world is peace in your heart.
If we do not have peace, the world will fall apart.

Dighton Middle School
Dighton, MA, US

Peace is the soft beating of a child’s heart
In the womb of happiness and security

Parktown High School For Girls, middle school
Parkview, South Africa

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

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