Saturday, April 11, 2015

Remember you are beautiful, you are beauty!!


"All beautiful things carry distinctions of imperfection. Your wounds and imperfections are your beauty. Like the broken pottery mended with gold, we are all Kintsugi. Its philosophy and art state that breakage and mending are honest parts of a past which should not be hidden. Your wounds and healing are a part of your history; a part of who you are. Every beautiful thing is damaged. You are that beauty; we all are." — Bryant McGill

I love how the universe works . . .

here is a wonderful and (for me) incredibly timely quote that Ginger Armstrong​ shared on FB and that I had not read before.  She posted it with one of my #fromthelandofdragons photos & now I wish to share with this lovely group!  There seems like a beautiful interrelationship in the sharing of inspiration! Thx Ginger!

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