Friday, September 11, 2015

May this dress bring us strength ...

You have power over your mind ~ 
not outside events. 
Realize this, and you will find strength.
Marcus Aurelius

thank you Kristin Hughes-Craig for this haunting photo of model  Melanie Moore and 'dear jeff ...' , taken during David Lee Black Studios' 'create your own vision' workshop last November.

the story of 'dear jeff ...':

This dress is a commissioned sculpture for a man, Jeff, who lost his fiancée in the events of 9/11/2001. She had flown to New York early that morning to attend a business breakfast at the Windows of the World restaurant.

On the 10 year anniversary of this tragedy Jeff felt that it was time to let go of his box of memories. He contacted me and asked me if I could create something from his collection of letters and cards and remnants from the tragedy. I was honored to have been asked and accepted the task.

Jeff handed me a large box full of letters; notes between the couple during college, cards of encouragement for new jobs, the announcement about their engagement, articles about 9/11, the missing person flyers, and then an abundance of condolences cards, from friends, family, coworkers, communities and even strangers. These communiques played a huge role is Jeff's recovery; the power of a caring community.

When Jeff approached me, he didn't want a memorial of his fiancée and her death. He wanted a sculpture that would portray the importance of community, and the positive growth that can come through adversity, as well as a celebration of Amy's spirit.
The essence of this dress is similiar to the story of the phoenix, who rises from the ashes renewed after apparent disaster or destruction. peace

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