Sunday, January 17, 2016

what are you passionate about? what floats your boat?

"The things you are passionate about are not random, 
they are your calling." 
 Fabienne Fredrickson

This is a timely quote since I have been working really hard trying to figure out,
what is my calling, where should I put my focus and energy, as we head into a new year?!
This is a constant issue/blessing of mine ... I love so many things, want to share 
so much and do everything, that when it comes to how to
support myself and my girls I get very muddled ... but alas, a work in progress.

For today, here is a 'partial' list of some of what I am passionate about ....
  • my girls, their well being and their peace of mind!!!
  • scruffy!!! (but of course)
  • making art, all kinds of art!!! embroidery, painting, illustration, pen and ink, collage, murals, ...
  • making dressart!! and my dressproject!
  • this blog, my daily note to self. I love finding inspiring quotes and sharing them.  I love creating or finding a piece of art to go with the quotes
  • I love taking photographs ~  #fromthelandofdragons or product shots or wedding and portraits ... I love to capture elements of the world that aren't always seen.
  • I love display and design ... figuring out how to make a shop window or a book page look its best and how a nudge here or a accent here can make the difference.
  • I love to cook, to create with food and then to share it with those I love!!! (big love)
  • I love my friends, spending time with them, talking, discussing, helping when needed.
  • I love nature, photographing it, walking in it, digging and gardening in it!
& there is so much more but this is a good start!! 

So what are you passionate about?? 
would love to hear?? 

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