Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Day10: beware of 'compare'

Don't get caught comparing yourself to friends, classmates, colleagues or strangers, although it is easy to do. Especially be wary of the 'personas' created in this social media crazed world, where everyone is privy to all details of friends, foes and strangers' 'orchestrated' lives.  These fictions can feed the green monster of comparison.

When you find yourself falling into the blackhole of comparing, stop yourself and remember we are all different, on different paths, with different skills, doing things with different approaches and at different speeds. 
 Remind yourself of all your unique skills and talents. I am amazed how quickly comparison leads to self criticism and self doubt. We are each unique and authentic.

And to help remind you of your strengths when you are feeling inadequate,
 I suggest that you make a list of ALL that YOU do WELL!!!
Write down what makes you special and 
take stock of EVERYTHING you ARE!!!

This is a private list, just for you, to keep somewhere accessible,
so when those sneaky and creepy comparison voices pop into to your head,
you can easily respond with all you do, and do well,

and then go on with your amazing day!! 
love, mom

print and fill it out ....
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