Monday, October 3, 2016

day36: be courageous

One isn't necessarily born with courage, 
but one is born with potential. 
Without courage, we cannot practice 
any other virtue with consistency. 
We can't be kind, true, merciful, 
generous, or honest.

Courage is an interesting concept as it affects so many aspects of our lives.  I think when people first think of courage they think of a warrior or the cowardly lion, however, you need courage to do everything that you do in this lifetime.  If you are not challenging yourself then most likely you are not growing, and growing is good. 

It takes courage to be the first person to speak up in class, 
be that person.  
It takes courage to go home 
when everyone else wants to continue the party. 
It takes courage to say no 
when everyone else wants to hear yes! 
It take courage to speak your mind, 
especially if it not the accepted position. 
It takes courage to know when to ask for help.  
It takes courage to follow your dream 
and to live your truth.  
Be courageous and watch what happens.  love, mom

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