Tuesday, November 8, 2016

day69: being out in nature does wonders for the soul, and dancing is good too!!!

Today is Election Day and that means an end to this crazy circus which has been the Presidential Campaign of 2017.  Sadly the madness is not going to end today, there has been too much hatred unleashed.  But hopefully some of the nail biting, insomnia inciting, nightmare making anxiety will be alleviated and we, as a nation, can begin to heal and recover from the damage done by a racist, misogynist, sexist, egotistical candidate that has, hopefully, lost.  

But since we, as a nation, are still in a state of anxious anticipation I thought today would be a good day to remind you of the wonders and healing powers of mother nature.  When you are stressed, sad, anxious, tired, 
go outside 
into the fresh air, being in nature is good for the soul.

When you are feeling 'off kilter' or overly stressed, or full of negative thoughts, or bored, 
feel the elements on your face and body, the sunshine, the rain, the cold, the warmth.  Let nature remind you to breathe.  
It is also good if you are feeling good, happy, positive, 
It is a good daily practice no matter you mood, your health or the current state of affairs. 
  I believe in getting outside, in the fresh air, every day!! 
(And of course Scruffy demands it)

When I stayed in Holland it was encouraged, and basically assumed, that one would go outside for a walk during the day, they called it "Een frisse neus halen" (getting a fresh nose) simply means 'going outside'. In America we might say, getting some fresh air.   
I just love that image!!!

So I have planned a LONG walk for later this afternoon, but I have also found another way to let go of my election angst, watching this glorious video created for Humanity for Hillary.  
This video has lightened my heart and my spirit.  This video shows the American that I love and believe in.  I hope it lifts your spirits as much as it has lifted mine!! 
love, mom (and dance, dance, dance)

Because Love is Love 
Because Black Lives Matter
Because climate change is real
Because women's rights are human rights
Because immigrants make America great
Because every vote matters
We dance for Hillary
Because she fights for us
We are with her!
and in case this above video is not loading here is the direct link to Vimeo .... click and enjoy!!
and dance, dance, dance!!!

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