Thursday, November 17, 2016

day71: the power of love

"One words frees us of 
all the weight and pain of life: 
That word is love." 

dear girls, the results of the 2016 presidential election shattered me!! for so many, many reasons, but the biggest reason is what it means for you two, my most amazing and loved daughters.  this is not the state of the world that i would have EVER wanted for you, for ANYONE! but alas, here it is ....

it has taken me days for me to figure out how to continue my '100days of motherlove' to you.  each time i start a post it turns into a 'rant' which is not what i want these posts to be.

however, the truth is that our world has been changed drastically, and not in a positive way.  humanity and basic human rights took a major hit.  i believe that we are now need to step up, to be vigilant, protecting our beliefs that all humans should be treated equally and with respect and dignity.  this is not a new concept for this blog.  however, after election day this message feels so much more urgent and critical that i was paralyzed for a bit, but it would not stop me.

yet with so much to say, to do, to grieve, to mourn, to rally for, to rage against, where to begin??? well ... I decided to begin with what gets me up every morning, what I believe in, whole-hearty ...
today I am beginning with the power of LOVE!!!!

LOVE a simple short word that is so powerful and transformative. it is both verb and noun, an action and a state of mind/heart/soul/spirit.  I firmly believe in the power of love and for today I wish to reenforce the power of that belief to you both!

last night i was part of a peace rally here in natick, in response to nasty things that have been happening since the election.  of course our dear friend heather was there, and we started to singing the chorus of 'all you need is love' by the beatles.  it moved me to be singing a beatles song, as i held my rainbow peace flag high.

two members of the beatles, john lennon and george harrison, were very vocal about peace and love and created many beautiful songs celebrating the power of these forces.  since i have shared lennon's 'imagine' on this blog many times, today I turn to the beautiful George Harrison, who left this world with many messages about the power of peace and love. i ask you to take a moment to sit and listen to this song, it has given me a sense of hope, see what you think
.... love, mom

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