Friday, January 6, 2017

day85 : knowledge is power!

"Scientia potentia est"
Sir Francis Bacon/Thomas Hobbes

This is a phrase that I remind myself often. 
My personal interpretation of this quote is a 'large picture' view.  
Of course one can interpret the quote from the perspective of eduction and 'book' smarts ... 
the more one learns the more opportunities one has.  

However I see this quote alluding to a much larger sense of 'knowledge', 
beyond the classroom and measured intelligence.  
I feel that this quote can be practiced in all areas of one's daily life.  
For me this quote refers to gathering more information, researching and learning about a subject, an issue, an decision, an opportunity and or problem!!  
For me this quote means: 
the more information one has the better decision making one can practice. 

And recently I have been saying it a lot, to myself and to your grandmother, so I figured it was a good one to share with you two. 

I find that I remind myself of this quote more often when I am tackling financial things, such as taxes, financial aid and especially during the divorce!!  I catch myself shying away from really figuring out my financial specifics, such as income, expenses, debts, etc.  I think there is a part of me that feels that if I don't really know the real figures then the reality of the figures won't be true?!?! 
That is one of those kind of crazy thoughts, because reality is reality and hiding one's head in the sand is NOT going to change ANYTHING.  
In fact it will have negative repercussions.
When I catch myself being sheepish about something,  I remind myself that  knowing the real situation and all the information that I can learn about that situation, will give me POWER!!
 & in this world baby, 
power is GOOD!!
And this practice applies to ALL areas of one's life, just not $$!! 

Also, it is important to remember that researching and learning about a situation is NOT making a decision.  This is what I am trying to help Gommie understand.  She is hesitating about interviewing and researching the possibility of more help for them because she thinks if she asks some questions that means someone will be living in their home next week, and that is not the case. 

So I wish to share with you this idea that learning, inquiring, researching things is a very good thing.  It will help you make better decisions and also help you not to second guess your decisions.
So , my dear-ones, go LEARN
go learn all you can!!

love, mom

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