Friday, February 24, 2017

day91: WD-40 is your friend ....

'tools ...' kitchen table series, pen and ink (2017)

“Single ladies, we are not Damsels in Distress…

we are Divas that Impress!” 
Mandy Hale

Don't be a damsel in distress!! 
Know how to do things around the house and with your car.  
Be self sufficient as much as possible.  

One way I have always kept true to this idea is that I try never to travel with more than I can carry.  I always wanted to be able to move my luggage by myself.  That doesn't mean never being helped with my luggage, porters can be very helpful and do remember to tip them.  But what I do mean is that if need be, for what ever reason, that I could move myself and my luggage by myself.  Or at least I could move me and what was important by myself (I think this practice was harder when I was traveling with little ones :).

When thinking about car maintenance,  I believe it is prudent to call  AAA when you have a flat tire, but know how to do other small automotive fixes.  Learn how to fill your car's wiper fluid, how to change the wiper blades and check the oil, to name a few. I would change the headlight bulbs in our van, however the cars are getting more and more electronic making it more necessary to go to a garage for even moonier repairs, however learn to do what you can.

And lastly get to know the phenom of all household maladies ... (drumroll please): WD-40.  

This is can can be your savior in the kitchen, bathroom, garden, garage, car, basically anywhere.  
It is truly astounding how many things this little can can do.  Below is a partial list of what this oil can do.

So there are just a few suggestions to help you be a DIVA that IMPRESSES.  It is also satisfying to be able to take care of your surroundings and not need to wait to be saved!!

love, mom

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