Tuesday, August 1, 2017

don't we all need some 'motherlove'?!?!

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to my loyal followers, 
as you may have noticed it has been a bit quiet over here on this blog and I want to change that! 
I have missed creating my 'daily' posts and I have truly missed this community so I have been wondering why had this practice become so hard.  This is what I came up with!!

First, I believe it was because I had challenged myself to post for 100 days, and that is not nearly enough time in which to share with my girls, and others, all the different thoughts, advice, recipes and other tidbits that I had intended to share. As I got closer to 100 I got more and more stymied by the need to choose which nugget to share?!?! 

Also the events of a certain black day in November knocked me to the ground, figuratively and literally. Harriet will tell people how I crumbled to the ground when she informed me of the final election results!! In that moment everything shifted and what I felt I needed to share with my daughters became more basic and more important - social justice, human rights, women rights, the importance of freedom of the press, of telling the truth and for speaking up for one's self and for others. It suddenly all got confusing and depressing. 

Needless to say, I am still reeling from the state of our country but I am regaining my footing. And I feel that now more THAN EVER we need to share inspiring stories and positive quotes. We must cultivate kind, inclusive, supportive and spiritual communities and this is a good place to start. 
So I have altered the name of this blog to the 'book of motherlove ...' removing any limits! And even though I am writing many of these posts with my daughters in mind, I believe many of these ideas and quotes are important for us all to hear, learn and/or revisit. So I kept my word 'motherlove' because don't we all need motherlove?! words of encouragement, love, wisdom and such?!?! I know I do!! So many times the ideas or quotes that I am sharing are the things that I really needed to know or need to remember. 

I plan to have more regular posts here, words and art that will help us all to stay positive, fight for what we know is important and hold our ground in the face of this sad state of the world.  
thanks for joining me and peace, Virginia

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