Friday, August 4, 2017

Nevertheless, I am persisting ...

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This past March I celebrated National Women's History Month by posting mini-biographies of famous women on my art blog, virginiacreates
It was a thoroughly satisfying experience to learn about and share these amazing women's stories. 
During my project I discovered so many more extraordinary women that I wanted to celebrate, but soon the month ended and my time and energy was pulled away. So I reluctantly stopped sharing their stories, but...
 nevertheless I am restarting my project, 

I figure the book of 'motherlove' is a perfect place for the biographies of strong, smart, outspoken, funny, engineering, courageous, unconventional, curious, opinionated, political and just all around phenomenal women, because these are important stories for us all to know, especially young girls and women.  It is important to know who has come before us and what they have done, so we can learn from our foremothers and not feel the need to 'reinvent the wheel', as Judy Chicago so eloquently explained in the following quote: 

These biographical posts will be sprinkled in between the quotes and recipes and other motherly tidbits. And I hope you will find the stories as inspiring and encouraging as I do.
love, mom

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