Saturday, May 17, 2014

May this dress show us the work we 'should' be doing!!

(look closely . . . )
“The work you do while you procrastinate
 is probably the work you should be doing 
for the rest of your life.” Jessica Hische

Well today (yesterday?) is the anniversary of the beginning of the Daily Dress Inspiration!! 
It was May 16th, 2013 , right here on this blog, that I stated:
   "My intention for this blog is to, on a fairly regular basis, 
post positive, inspirational and thoughtful quotes or ideas, 
with or without an accompanying dress."  
And I believe that I have posted everyday for the last year,  (there is one day that is a little fuzzy, either I posted very late of very early, hence why I'm officially calling the anniversary today). 

I started this practice as a way to help me cope with an emotionally rough period of my life.  
I found solace in the words of sages, prophets, poets et al.  I have read that the popularity of quotes come from the revelation that others share certain experiences, certain feelings; that one's own experience might be more universal, creating a common thread between you and the rest of humanity.

This practice has been an amazing experience for me, one that has opened my heart and mind to many inspirational thoughts, ideas and wise individuals.  This practice has also connected me with so many wonderful like minded travelers on this roller-coaster of life, who have given me so much in return. 

Where this practice goes, I don't know, though I can't imagine not doing it.  I do know that I love it which is why I choose this quote for today!!
I always think of this quote when I am creating my posts, because this is what I do when I procrastinate! Heck this is what I do all the time ~ make dresses, draw dresses, make art, spread love!!!  And with the recent developments of the past year, I am in need of a job/career/work ?!?! 

But for now I want to express my utmost gratitude for your company during this past year; 
your love, your support and your presence!! This practice would not be so enriching without this lovely community!! thank you & peace ~

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