Tuesday, July 29, 2014

may this dress help us to let go . . . . (repost of January 19,2014)

During this period of regrouping and refocusing I have stepped back from many of the social media sites that I had so often haunted, especially le facebook! I have a love/hate relationship with that site so I relished the opportunity to step away! 

However, many people use FB as their main way to communicate, so I usually do a 'fly over' every other day or so.  And last night, as I was doing my quick checkin, I found this quote from Joseph Campbell, on my timeline. It was shared by friend and inspiring author Allan Hunter.  

Now, I know this quote, and I believe in the truth of this quote; however, last night these words struck such a cord with me that I needed to share them.  

During this time of reorganizing,  I am going through my many, many boxes of stuff!  Stuff that I have saved over the years, stuff that many might call junk, stuff that have places in my heart and I am bumping up against the idea of the life I thought I would have and where I am now. 

I know now is good: I am happy, I have a nice home, wonderful friends and my girls and I are healthy; I am truly blessed!!!  But as I have been rummaging through my past I am also painfully aware of different elements of my planned life that I am holding onto, 
making the appearance of this quote too perfectly timed!!

So here is a repost from January! 
May it be a reminder to us to let go! 
let go of what we had 'planned', 
what we thought we needed to do
& all of our 'should's  . . .

so that we can be present with the the present, the way our lives are, and see all the wonders and blessing in this present moment and enjoy them in all their glory!!!  peace

We must let go of the life 
we have planned, 
so as to accept 
the one that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell 

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