Friday, July 11, 2014

may this dress help us to love all our pieces and parts . . .

\_            _/
we         are
 mosaics - 
l o v e, 
h is to ry, 
stars - - - - - 
glued  together 
with  magic  and 
 m u s i c & w o r d s.

Well, the time has come (sniff, sniff) . . . when I need to take a break 
from my beloved practice of my daily dress inspirations.  

A month from today will be a big milestone for me, 
and as the day approaches I am increasingly feeling 
the need to get my house in order, my ducks in a row,
 to clear the decks for the new adventures to come.

Many of you may know that these past few years has been quite challenging, almost everything about my being came under attack.  I started this daily dress posting as meditative practice for myself, finding quotes that I needed to hear and needed to remember.  And as it is my nature to share, I started posting these nuggets of wisdom.  That others have found solace in my posts is such a blessing and a joy.  

This blog has been a godsend for me in many ways ~
it has connected with an amazing community of people!!
It gave me a daily focus when in all other areas of my life, chaos reigned.
It offered me a daily opportunity to be creative,
even on those days I needed to be in court, etc. . .

 I LOVE constructing each day's posts.  
I have gathered so many inspiring quotes, some known, some less familiar,
 that I could post daily for at least another year.  
 I have so enjoyed finding the best image or sculpture 
to pair with the specific quote, and I have been learning so much in photoshop!! 
I am amazed on how happy I am getting each post ready to go, in fact I can spend the entire morning/day getting a post ready to publish ~ there within lies the rub.

 With my daily enthusiasm of spreading the love, I have been avoiding some necessary projects that need to be addressed! And since I am an all or nothing kind of girl I realize that I need to take a bit of a sabbatical, a moment of repose and face these demons that I have been SO happily avoiding!!

"The more important an activity is to your soul's evolution 
the more resistance and the more fear you will feel." 
 Steven Pressfield

I believe the above quote seems to sum up my situation quite well.
So happy summer and until we meet again

breathe, deeply, repeat
and in case the spacing isn't published correctly
here is how I designed today's quote
(wonder why I have no time for anything else, huh?!?)

Concrete poetry is when the typographical arrangement of words
is as important as the other elements of the poem,
such as meaning of words, rhythm, rhyme and so on.

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