Saturday, August 29, 2015

Always follow your passion!!!

illustration by virginia fitzgerald 2015
“Follow your passion. 
It will lead you to your purpose.”

Yesterday, I was incredibly fortunate to spend the day 
on the campus of the Walnut Hill School,
 which was incredibly inspiring, on so many levels!!! 

I am particularly impressed with the head of school,  Antonio Viva.
I have heard him speak numerous times,
 and each time is incredibly stimulating!!!
He always speaks so eloquently about the role of the artist.
I leave feeling a validation about pursuing my art and my passions.

He speaks about the artists and creatives being the agents of change.
He believes that it is going to be the artists 
who are able to turn our world around.
It is the creative souls who are the ones that
 will make the changes that are so sorely needed in our ever violent world; 
the ones who think out of the box, 
who challenge the status quo, 
who do NOT follow the norm.

And as Harriet and I walked up to the school in the morning, 
we witnessed such agents of change ... 
the returning students were literally dancing in the streets, 
welcoming the new students to this place 
that cherish and nurtures the creative souls.

So today, freshly inspired by Walnut Hill
 I wish to remind us ALL 
let's change the world!!! 

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