Monday, February 8, 2016

today, let's start loving who we are!!! and remind ourselves of all we are!!!

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Stop hating yourself for everything you're not; 
start loving yourself for everything you are. 
Ritu Ghatourey * 

(*not sure about the author of this quote)

This quote speaks volumes to me and I bet I'm not the only one.  
How often we are caught up in the act of comparing ourself to others, 
especially now with social media!!! 

Now we have a front row seat to all the wonderful and amazing 
activities and accomplishments of our friends/colleagues, 
presented to us in a perfectly stylized photo.  
(now it is important to remember, these are orchestrated and created
glimpses into others lives, lots of smoke and mirrors!!) 

Truth be told, I find myself constantly going down the path of why can't I do THAT?
or how come I am not doing THIS? or look at how much SHE has accomplished?
boy she looks like she has it all FIGURED out?!?

So this quote resonated with me and my intention for this new year to practice
self-compassion and celebrate the authentic me.  

So today not only do I wish to remind you to love you and who you are, 
but I suggest that you make a list of what YOU do WELL, 
take stock of 
(you can even write one of your unique attributes in the comments below)
so when those sneaky and creepy comparison voices pop into to your head,
you can easily respond with all you do, and do well!!!
and go on with your amazing day!! 

 to all you wonderful and unique beings!!! 

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