Wednesday, October 19, 2016

day :52 learn from your missteps ...

Don't be afraid to fail. 
Don't waste energy trying to cover up failure. 
Learn from your failures and 
go on to the next challenge. 
It's OK to fail. If you're not failing, you're not growing. 
Anne Sullivan

'mistakes are opportunities' was something that David Lang would like to tell his students, and he is correct.  If you don't get flattened by the idea that you didn't get something right or you got a bad grade or you failed,  if you don't get stuck is a cycle of self pity, self criticism or depression then you can use these experiences as just that, experiences!! Experiences from which to learn, grow and explore.

With the current attachment to success, and with all the standardized testing and the high emphasize on GPAs and grades, the path to real learning has become blurred.  If someone is choosing to not take a challenging class because it might hurt their GPA, then there is something significantly wrong about the system!!

Knowledge and learning should be the main goal, and if you are really learning, really growing then you better be goofing up and making mistakes. Learning is not a straight line, it is messy, it is unclear, it is making mistakes and learning from this.  And this is true for all of life, just not the classroom.

So when you stumble, don't fall down and stay down, don't waste your energy beating ourself up or trying to mask your mistake. Own your failures and learn from them!! What is important to me is that you learn and discover what really excites you and what doesn't.

It may seem safer to play it safe and stay within the lines,
but that is not where you will real live!
love, mom

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