Thursday, October 20, 2016

day53: love yourself ...

You can't punish yourself into change. 
You can't whip yourself into shape. 
But you can love yourself into well-being. 
 Susan Skye

I have said it before and I will say it again!! 

When I saw this quote I knew I had to share 
as it is SO important to remember!! 
Especially as I believe there is the general acceptance that being self-critical is the only way to motivate yourself and it is NOT!! 
Beating yourself up will not lead to positive change, 
it is more detrimental. 
It is wasted energy and it really undermines and 
taints one's everyday experiences. 

So PLEASE stop the internal berating and focus on the positive. 
You, as you are, have so much to offer the world and 
always REMEMBER this ...
you are amazing, 
you are lovely, 
you are spectacular, 
you are wonderful,
you are awesome,
so love yourself into well-being <3
love, mom

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