Friday, October 14, 2016

day47: beware of being busy for busy's sake...

It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants. 
The question is: what are we busy about?

Look around you, everyone is on their phones or looking at their phones, ALL the TIME! 
If everyone I see, with their heads buried in their smart phones or their computers, were really doing something important I believe our world would be greatly improved, 
because that is a lot of 'busyness' I see! 

But I think there is a disconnect between being busy and getting things done.  
In our society we tend to instill those who are so busy with unproven importance and worth.  Just because one says that they are so busy doesn't exactly mean that they are really getting things done.  Also just because one looks like they're busy and that they feel busy, 
doesn't mean they are accomplishing what they need to.  

There is 'busy' and then there is working, accomplishing, just getting things done.  Now you don't need to be 'working' and 'accomplishing' all the time, but you also don't need to be 'busy' all the time which I think we forget.  I feel that it has become the expected response to the question, 
'how are you?' 'busy!!!'

And again social media has thrown gasoline on this entire idea, by first giving people something to be 'busy' with; checking all the different social media sites, commenting, posting, etc.  And then there is posting about all the things that you are doing, making yourself look interesting and important.
But this was an issue before social media, maybe it is our puritan ethic again ... I am working harder than you, look at all the things I need to get done, I can't believe how many emails I need to answer ... 

I guess what I wish to say for today is to beware of the idea of being busy! You don't need to be burning the candles at both ends, all the time.  There will be times when you will need to pull an all-nighters, juggle a day full of commitments, perfect your multitasking skills, but be mindful about when you are just feeling anxious and busy because that is what everyone expects ... I am here to remind you that it is OK to not be busy just for 'busy's sake!! 
love, mom

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