Monday, October 24, 2016

day56: you can always rise ...

'dress of bread ...' (2010)

“You may encounter many defeats, 
but you must not be defeated. 
In fact, it may be necessary 
to encounter the defeats, 
so you can know who you are, 
what you can rise from, 
how you can still come out of it.”
Maya Angelou

It is the difficult times, the challenging times that are what really define who we are and what we believe in.  That is hard to write, because as a mother I really do not want you to have any difficult and challenging times, but then I know that it is a part of growing.   I know that it was in the darkest hours that I learned more about myself.  That is why there are SO many, many different quotes about getting through the tough times.  

But I hope you take away from this quote and the knowledge that there will be hard times in your life,  that these trials, setbacks, broken hearts, betrayals are opportunities for self knowledge and personal growth. These encounters will teach you things about yourself, your surroundings, your friends, your truths and your beliefs.  

But please don't go out and create a difficult experience because that is not how this works. Your challenges will come to you when and where you need them.  Those are the hurdles that you need to learn to jump over, those will be your life lessons.  They won't be easy or fun, but you will survive! and you will be stronger and wiser for that experience!!

   And ALWAYS remember that I believe in you whole-heartedly!!
I know that you will rise and survive!! 
 and that you can ALWAYS call me!! love, mom

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