Tuesday, October 25, 2016

day57: our choices define who we are ...

“Its our actions that define us. 
What we choose. 
What we resist. 
What we're willing to die for.” 

As a mother of two girls I was impressed that 'making good choices' was being taught in school.  I remember how excited you were about learning about making 'good choices', and I felt that the school was empowering their students with a skill of independence.  I feel that this approach is better in this modern, high tech, fast-paced world which we live in, better than just teaching good and bad, because this is a skill that you use ALL of you LIFE.  

Your choices define who you are! Choices have a ripple effect.  Making good choices is a skill to cultivate, and as you get older the repercussions and/or rewards get bigger. 

We make choices ALL the TIME!!
Choices that define us and tell the world what is important to us and what is not.
We choose how we spend our time, what to give our attention to, who to spend time with and what we spend our money on.  Even the seemingly insignificant choices have their ripple effects; the choice to push the snooze button one too many times, or the choice to skip one class because you need to study for a test later in the day, or the choice to stay up late with a friend who needs to talk to a friend or the choice to recycle instead of just tossing your plastic cup in the trash.
And then the choices get bigger and more consequential; the choice to register to vote, the choice to vote, the choice to get into a car when you know the driver has been drinking, the choice to have unprotected sex (just this once) or the choice to shop-lift because everybody does it!

You need to know that you and you alone are responsible for your decisions, and the older you get the less you can blame others ... my dog ate my homework, the friend made me do it, i didn't think ... those excuses don't work when you are an adult.  

and don't forget:
 ACTIONS speak LOUDER that words!! 

Even though you may say you make 'good choices', 
it is your actions that prove that statement to be true! 

 I know you are smart, and you do and can make good choices. Listen to your gut, your heart, your instincts because they, your inner self, will always guide you to make the good choice. 

Lastly, learning to make good choices is a work in progress.  You learn by making some not-so-good choices and/or by watching friends and colleagues makes bad choices.  This is a skill that one is cultivating their whole life. Sadly age doesn't guarantee good choices, it is a skill to hone and to practice.  But the more good choices you make the better you get at making them.  
love, mom

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