Friday, December 2, 2016

day77: beware of a bargain ... love, Pop

"A bargain is something 
you don't really need
 at a price you can't pass up"
Robert D. Fitzgerald (aka Pop)

I grew up hearing this maxim from my Dad, Pop, all the time, and would eye my eyes, but as I grew older I realized the wisdom is his words.  And as we head into the season of buying with all the deals and pressures to buy the perfect gift, I felt it was a good time to remind us all to really think before you buy. 
There are so many ways to shop now which makes it even more important to be a mindful shopper. Also with the profusion of wholesale clubs and warehouse stores it is really, REALLY easy to fall into the trap of spending way more money than you want on things you may not use, just because it is such a good deal. 

Now there are good deals out there and I encourage you to be a savvy shopper!!!  Also those wholesale clubs can be helpful, especially if you have room to store things,  but it is a wise to cultivate the habit of reflecting on what you are buying with each purchase!! 
to take the time to ask yourself these questions: 
1. do I really need this?
2. do I need this quantity of this??
3. would I be buying this if it wasn't on sale??

Asking yourself these questions will help you save money and not fill your home with clutter and things that don't really offer you much.  Also, I hope you will think of Pop, the banker, when you spend your money, because out of all his wacky and sometime annoying quips, this one is an important one and can be a life changer.

spend wisely
love, mom

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