Wednesday, October 12, 2016

day45: just do your best ...

Let go of the idea of winning or losing. 
In the game of life, the most important thing is 
just showing up and doing your best.

Work hard and always do your best. 
Note that I did NOT say be prefect, perfection is a trap 
(more of that topic on a later date).  
For today I want to remind you to always do your best, which will vary, day by day.  There will be days that you are exhausted and worried, and there will be days when you are energized and focused, so your behavior for each day will be different but don't judge yourself.  Just show up and do your best for that day, that class, that task, that moment, that is all you can ask of yourself.

Also, I know from personal experience, what a blessing it is to know you did your best! When a major life choice was questioned/challenged, it was exhilarating and reassuring to know in my heart that I had done my best!!!  
love, mom

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