Sunday, October 16, 2016

day49 : caring for your vehicle ...

Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.  Buddha
This is one of those 'sounds so simple' but so many of us do not do it!!! Yet it is SO important to remember that this is your one and only body, which we usually take for granted until we get sick or injured.
Learn to honor and care for your body all the time, not just when you are ill.  
I might sound like a broken record but I can not stress how important self care is and it is a behavior that is not really taught.  
So remember to get on a regular sleep schedule and make sure you get enough sleep; eat good foods, whole foods, nurturing foods, fresh foods and drink lots of water; exercise; get a massage or take a bath, find an activity that replenishes your energy, body and spirit; meditate!!! 

You alone know what your body needs, not your friends, not magazines, blogs or other outside influences.  So take care of your precious vehicle!! love, mom 

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