Thursday, November 3, 2016

day66: step away from chaos

“Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from everyone + everything and recoup. sort out your thoughts. listen to your heart. breathe. read a book. write about how much your life has sucked - then write about how much you can’t wait to see the positive changes. relearn yourself. accept all the hurt you’ve been through. forgive anyone and everyone who’s hurt you. even if that means doing it within, and never physically or verbally reaching out. let go. & rejuvenate. take a step away from the chaos, 
and find peace. within.” 

I love so much about this quote!!! distances yourself from everyone and everything when you are overwhelmed; journal, relearn yourself and find peace.  Great advise for everyone, every day, and especially helpful if you find yourself lost in someone else's drama and chaos.  You need to be aware of those things and those people who bring extra Drama, with a capitol D, into your life.  

We all know people, friends, dear friends and even family members who bring drama with them, for so many different reasons. Some of these folks are more comfortable is a chaotic state then when things are calm, while others believe that those who save them from their drama are their real friends, and others just enjoy the attention that comes from the drama.  But there is really no need for extra drama.  Life is short and has enough ups and downs and trails and tribulations of its own, without having undo drama thrown into the mix. So try to reduce the addition of extra drama and chaos to your life. 

But when you do get overwhelmed, by just your life in general, remember the above quote. 
It is always a good idea to step away and take a breath, find quiet and listen, read and write, accept and forgive, let go and let go again, rejuvenate and find peace, find peace within!!! 
love, mom

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