Monday, January 9, 2017

day 87: practice kindness, we need it now more than ever!!!

strata: strength ... mixed media on wood
“My wish for you is that you continue. 
Continue to be who and how you are, 
to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness.”

Practicing kindness in this mean world makes your life more pleasant and you will be surprised on how people may react to your kindness.  It is a way of life that I strive to practice.  I especially focus on being kind in frustrating and annoying situations, and I swear it makes them easier!!

There is a power in choosing to react with kindness.  However I am not suggesting that you be a doormat!! there is no reason to be kind in the face of meanness, bullying or disrespect.
But I am suggesting that during the course of the day you focus on bringing more kindness, respect and patience into our mean world.  

Kindness can be found in small acts, like holding a door open or letting someone with less stuff go ahead of you in the checkout line.  Kindness can be demonstrated on the road!! In fact SHOULD be practiced on the road.  If more drivers practiced kindness and patience, I believe that traffic on a whole would move more smoothly.  How many times is a bottleneck back-up made worse by drivers vying to be next, causing a mini stand-off until one relinquishes?!?!  To me it is a joy to let people merge without them having to force their way in.

It is also SO SO  SO important to practice self kindness!!!
Quiet those inner critics who are constantly telling you that you are not enough!!
You are amazing and wonderful just as you are!!
Berating and criticizing yourself is wasted energy.
Think about it,  does berating and belittling helps anyone do better?!?!
I thorough believe that when you approach any issue or problem with kindness you are more successful and less spent.

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar

So be kind!! be kind to yourself and to this 'mean' world. 
And let's face facts we need way more kindness in this world, 
now more than ever ,with the pending swearing-in
 of the biggest and worse bully that I know! 

love, mom

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